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Structures and Workers on Machu Picchu

As you can see from some of the pictures in this set there was a small city here. The stone work is in excellent shape. A few buildings have reconstructed thatched roofs on them. There is also lots of terracing which was presumably used to grow food and to make some of the area traversable. There is an elaborate drainage system to help the water flow in an orderly fashion.

It is so much fun and so interesting to just walk around gaping at everything.

The Incas were excellent architects and engineers. The stone walls were constructed very carefully with each stone carved to fit tightly so no mortar was needed. It's not too clear exactly what tools they used for the carving. The building walls all sloped inward a bit to help preserve them over time.

You can see some workers (of several species here) doing site maintenance.

Click here for some pictures