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Iquitos - Peruvian port "on" the Atlantic

Iquitos is only reachable by plane or boat. It is a port "on" the Atlantic Ocean at the head of the Amazon - over 2,000 miles from the ocean - so not really on but "on". We flew there in order to get onto our boat early the next morning for a weeklong cruise on the Amazon and it's tributaries. We spent the rest of the day wandering through the market, and doing other things. It was a pretty serious port with big ships and lots of little boats. It is large city with close to 1/2 million residents.


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But I don't think you can say "a port on the Atlantic" if it's not on the Atlantic. A port to the Atlantic, but 2kmiles away is not "on".

linguistic purist I am not, jokester sort of. I changed on to "on" with a comment.

Thanks, and sorry for being such a pedant. :-) Best regards to you both.

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