JWG (jwg) wrote,

A play and running into old friends

Tonight we went to the Gloucester Stage Company's production of LIFE x 3, a play by Yesmina Reza. It is a four actor play with three versions of a dinner party. It was well done as are most plays there (it's their 25th year which is pretty amazing for such a theatre company. The artistic director is Israel Horowitz and they always do one new play by him.

At intermission someone said to me
Are you John Gintell?
And since I am, I said yes. It turned out it was A and K, old friends of mine from work, A was a house mate for a few years about 40 years ago, we used to go hiking in New Hampshire a lot, and I went to their wedding.

We chatted a bit - he said that he thought the last time I saw me was Morris Dancing on the Lexington and that was in about 1980! I've been bad about keeping track of old friends but these are people it'll be fun to see again. They live in Rockport which is the next town.

When I introduced rsc as my partner, Robert said I should have said fiancé - I'm not used to that term yet and it'll soon be obsolete anyway.

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