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Fishing for Piranhas

One morning one of the guides said - let's go fishing for pirhanas. Then he remarked - In Hollywood pirhanas eat people; on the Amazon people eat pirahanas.

We entered a little river looking for a likely spot. It was pretty nice in there.

Much of the time I felt a nibble and when I jerked the rod a biot and raised the hook was empty. I never caugth a Pirhana, but did catch some other small fish. Nut others of us caught some. And then they lit a fire under a small cooker, cooked them and they we ate them.. They are pretty bony.

Click her for some pictures:

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OMG... I never knew that. I bought the Hollywood Pirhana deal hook line and sinker (pun intended)! Next thing you'll tell me there's no such thing as quick sand that will suck you down into the earth if you so much as put a foot on it...

My childhood fears are growing up, up and away...

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