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Life on the Amatista

MachuPisco.jpgWe were on the Amatista for a week. On the upper deck there was a bar and large open space.. We usually had a Pisco Sour every evening. Pisco is a Peruvian (or Chilean) brandy made from a grape wine. We make them at home - and this is one of the brands - Machu Pisco, that we buy.

1 oz sugar
2 oz lime juice
4 oz Pisco
1 egg white

Shake in a cocktail shaker with a couple of ice cubes (on the boat they used a blender). Pour into glasses and shake a couple of drops of Angastura Bitters on top.

The bar tender and the two food servers were musicians and played every night and they were the wakeup call as well.

Click here for pictures:

Several evenings we did English Country dancing (with recorded music) - thus adding Peru to the list of countries in which we have done Contra dancing or English Country dancing. Others are Chile (Easter Island), Greece, Ireland, Italy, Egypt, Myanmar, and Costa Rica. Probably will add Australia next month, possibly Mexico in January.and denmark in June.

The people in the green shirts are the food guys who joined us in the dancing.

(with reorded music)

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What do you do with the yolk?

I keep the yolk in the shell, wrap it with plastic wrap, and put it in the egg carton. And then ad it to pancakes, waffles or something similar within a couple of days.

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