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special opportunity

Because of yesterday's events as written in rsc's LJ entry, we had dinner at Salts where the duck for two is an excellent. I espied a colleague from the Library Design Advisory Committee and the Library 21 committee so when we left, I went over to say hello. She introduced me to her husband (who I'd never met although I knew his name since she uses his email account). Then I had the opportunity to say something I've been waiting to say for a while:

And I'd like you to meet my husband, Robert....

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Darn, I always so enjoyed it when you introduced him as "my meatpuppet" at formal occasions. Oh well, another tradition lost.

Congratulations to you too!

This... this is what same-sex marriage is all about.

yay! boy have i got a big grin on my face right now!

Congrats to you, too. :)

Now it's going to be even more fun when people ask if you're brothers.


I had been thinking the same thing.

Just caught this! Congrats to you, sir, and to your most gracious husband as well!

Ah, this gave me a good laugh. Congrats to you both.

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