JWG (jwg) wrote,

Baseball fandom

Last night rsc and I went to a Red Sox game sitting in our regular seats. We had a bonus? because the game went into extra innings. Keith Foulke our usually reliable closer gave up a home run in the 9th to let Baltimore tie up the game. It wasn't until the bottom of the twelfth when Orlando Cabrera (the shortstop part of the trade at the end of July for local cult Nomar Garciaparra) and back from a red-eye flight from Colombia where had visited his wife who had undergone surgery hit the game winning home run. Just before he did this, Robert had said that Mueller (who was to be up next) would hit a home run and I said, no - Cabrera is going to hit one. (Of course he did point out that I had predicted other things that didn't happen.) Of course, lots more happened during this game such as giving up the lead several times, leaving to many people on base, etc.

We were a bit worried that the game would go too long since our car was parked at Wellington on the Orange line which stops running at ~12:30 (we were at an 18 inning game a few years ago and we had to walk home to Cambridge). We never leave games early. Also we had been planning on stopping at Shaws in Beverly on the way home but it closed at midnight and we didn't pass by there until about 12:30.

The night before last when we watched the game at home, Keith Foulke also gave up the lead in the 9th inning; this time it was Mark Bellhorn whose single in the bottom of the ninth knocked in two runs to give us the win. Most of this game was a pitcher's duel; we scored what should have been the winning first run in the 8th. Speaking of we, there was considerable yelling at the TV set at certain points during that game!

Tomorrow we go to see a Yankee/RedSox game.

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