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We were driving on a road through a wooded area and we saw a car stopped on the side of the road with people standing on the side looking up. So we pulled over and did the same. And there we saw a Koala and her baby sleeping in a tree.

A bit later after visiting the Cape Otway Lightstation we were driving along another road and saw a car stopped. We pulled over and there was a small Koala sitting by the side of the road - it promptly walked a bit in front of the car and squatted in front of the car. The owner tried to coax it to move but it wasn't cooperative. Several more cars pulled behind and one started honking its horn. Eventually the Koala decided to cross the road and sat on the other side for a while. Then it recrossed the road, found a tree and climbed up it.

Click for pictures:

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It sounds like the Koalas very much have a mind of their own ... perhaps know they are a protected species.

At the very least they're not afraid of humans, or at least this one wasn't. One of the people on one of the other cars tried to push it off the road, and it just wasn't having any. And after it did settle down on the other side, it didn't seem to mind people petting it.

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