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My 1977 Passport

In 1977 we took a trip first to London. Then we went by ferry to the Island of Guernsey (I bought a sweater there - called a Guernsey of course)- with a side trip to Alderney. As I recall Alderney had a post office where they sold Alderney stamps that you couldn't use since Alderney was part of Guernsey. Then by ferry to France which featured Mont St Michel and Paris. I remember when we were looking at the tide coming in from above and Robert dropped his lens cap over the edge.

Then began our experimentation with going somewhere warmer for a winter vacation.

In 1979 we went to St Vincent, an island nation in the Caribbean. First we stayed at Young Island, a resort that was a 5 minute ferry ride from the main island. After that we went to a remote Grenadines island resort, Palm Island. Our room was right by the water. I went sailing on a SailFish and among other things capsized (pretty easy to right it) and also got caught in a current and thought I might end up who-knows-where, but I managed to deal with it.

1981 featured a trip to Tobago. We stayed at Arnos Vale, a resort that Robert's (rsc) parents had stayed at. There were lots of birds there. It featured afternoon tea on the terrace and the feeding of the Motmots.

1982 was a winter trip to Portugal. Lisbon and various other places including in the mountains near the the Spanish border. I remember arriving at our hotel very early in the morning where we able to checkin. After a brief rest I went out on the streets and quickly came back to get Robert - claiming something like there was a lively city there.

1984 was a trip to Bermuda in April. One of the features of Bermuda is that it is a mere 2 hour flight. On the day we left there had been a snowstorm (not in Boston or Bermuda) and we were told our plane would leave about 2 hours late. We got to the airport pretty early and then found that it was going to leave at least an additional 2 hours later. On the way home there was a bomb scare that required an emergency landing, evacuation of passengers and luggage. Nothing was found, but it was like a 6 hour flight as had been our flight there. Bermuda was somewhat formal - most of the restaurants required ties and jackets which we hadn't brought but they lent us some.
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