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Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania

As our Australia trip of more than two months ago drew to a close we went to Tasmania. Lots of people had reciommended going there and I certainly make that recommendation.

A one of our first things we did was to go to MONA, Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania, a fascinating experience. Some people apparently call it the Museum of Not Art.

The easiest way to get to it from downtown Hobart was by boat. The boat was amusing with a cow and a bunch of sheep that were actually seats. When we got there there was this marvelous sculpture of a cement mixer outside. Inside our first view showed in interesting architecture and the beginnings a huge range of types of art.

Click here for pictures:

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I loved it. When I went, I flew in to Hobart (with my bag being smelled by a dog on the way in to see if I was carrying any fruit or veg) and then took the courtesy bus to the museum. It is fantastic. Well worth the special trip. And Hobart reminds me of a Victorian fishing village that made good. Lots of pastel-painted buildings downtown. I wish I'd booked more time there.

When I originally arranged my trip schedule I didn't know about MONA. There was a New Yorker piece about it and I thought to myself, "I can't be that close to this place and not go see it." so I arranged an overnight flight and one-night stay in a motel just to go.

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