JWG (jwg) wrote,

Between trains in NYC

On the way to Jacksonville Beach for the Motss.con we had 3 hours between trains in New York. We went to Chelsea (a few blocks away) to go to some of the galleries. I hadn't realized how many there were; on W 25th St between 11th and 12th ave we went into at least a half dozen. It was an entertaining interlude.

One gallery had a collection of photographs by many photographers - some known to me and some not - from early to late in the 20th century. In another gallery there was an exhibit that had 5 arrays containing 12 rows and 30 columns of ~ 5" x 7" squares each containing a 50s or 60s newspaper ad or article mostly about body building and superimposed on it was a different hair style in yellow - what a huge amount of work. Unfortunately I left my camera in the luggage check so I couldn't take any pictures. There were some chainsaw sculptures of large people made out of ~3 ft diameter trees. Another gallery had 6 movie projectors on pedestals with infinite loops of film showing kind of obscure things and when you walked around you interrupted the show for a bit as you walked in front of the projector. And I didn't take notes of who the artists were but the prices ranged between $5,000 and $30,000 for most pieces of work so they couldn't have been completely unknown.

Frying Pan - LightshipThen we went over to the Hudson river and toured the Frying Pan, a retired light ship docked at a Erie Lackawanna railroad barge with several other boats. We sat and had fruit juice. The bar sold cups of fruit juice for $1 - I didn't know you could buy anything for $1 in New York.

On the way back to Penn Station we passed a Bus parking lot. One Greyhound bus had a banner on the side that said:

Get Simulated at TCT 2004 - Interventional Vascular Simulation

I wondered what this was at the time but I see it was an ad for a conference in Washington - I'm sure none of the doctors attending took Greyhound to get there.

Written on the train last week after having eaten dinner getting ready for bed. They should have WiFi on Amtrak!

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