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My 1996 Passport

British Virgin Islands: 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005. These were some of our many trips to Guana Island.

Belize and Guatemala 2001. We started on the coast in Placencia, went to Ek' Tun, an isolated resort in the middle of nowhere - final journey there was via van and then boat up the river. Ek' Tun had just two cabins and the other one was unoccupied. We ate in the owner's house, and they took us on hikes in the mountains and also let us canoe down the river - they picked us up by truck since canoing back up-river would have been impossible. Lots of howler monkeys and other wildlife. I think it is closed now.

At the end of the trip we went to Tikal in Guatamala. At Tikal we climbed up a Mayan pyramid to see the sunset and when we got to the top we heard someone say: "everybody line up for a longways". It was just a joke since it wouldn't have been a good place for a Contra Dance, but they had just been on a Wild Asparagus Contradance week in Guatemala.

Costa Rica in 2004. This was to go to Pura Vida Dance Camp in the mountains of Morovia. It was run by The Clayfood Strutters, a great Contra dance Band that doesn't play together much - although this fall we went to a nice dance at the Scout Housewhere they were the band. It took place on a combination inn/cattle ranch - we danced at night and hiked and lounged around during the day. Kathy Anderson was the caller, and since some of the locals cam, she used both English and Spanish for the calls.

Sweden in 2001. This was Motss Con XIV in Stockholm. Motss Cons are annual events - this year's is in New Orleans. On the way over, we stopped over for 3 days in Iceland. We flew back to Boston on September 10th! I rembember a jetlagged morning at home listening to the radio and a report of a plane ccrashing into the World Trade Center - my first thought was: oh yeah I remeber hearing on the radio about the plane that crashed into the empire State Building in 1945 (July 28).

Italy - in 2005 - this was to Pisa, San Gimignano, Florence, and Venice. Four fascinating cities in Italy. It was my first time in San Gimignano - an iteresting walled city with some of its remaining towers intact.

Hmm, and not in the Passport was a June 2000 trip to London and then on to Utrecht for the Motss Con.

And in November 2000 we went to France: Montpelier, Gorges de Tarn, Conques, Carcasonne, and Paris. I see no stamps for that.

There are a couple of smudges in the passport. And rsc Robert did have a Heathrow stamp.
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