JWG (jwg) wrote,

Where I danced in 2015

The count of days might be slightly off, but I get 84 days when we went dancing in 2015.

At Regular Dance Series
13: at the Gender Free Contra Dance in Jamaica Plain
19: at the Gender Free English Country Dance in Jamaica Plain
13: at BIDA in Cambridge
1: at Harvard Square English
13: at the Scout House in Concord
1: at the CapeAnn Contra in Gloucester
1: at Queer Contra in Oakland, CA

At Dance weekends/ weeks
7: at Kalani Retreat Center on the Big Island
3: at Queer Dance Camp in Aptos, CA
3: at NEFFA in Mansfield, MA
3: at LCFD Spring Gender Free Dance Camp in Woodstock, CT
3: at LCFD Fall Gender Free Dance Camp in Becket, MA

While Travelling in Foreign Countries
2: English Country Dancing on the SS Amatista on the Amazon in Peru
1: at English Country Dance in Sydney, Australia
1: at Contra Dance in Melbourne, Australia

As of now in addition to the US, we have danced in Greece, Italy, Ireland, Egypt, Tanzania, (don't remember if we danced in Kenya), Chile, Peru, Myanmar, and Australia. (The dance we would have gone to in New Zealand was cancelled). And in two weeks it will be Mexico; Denmark is possible for June.
Tags: contra dance, ecd, personal, travel

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