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Attire for Job interviews and work

Several of my friends have been anticipating job interviews and wondering what to wear.

Many years ago (late 70's / early '80s) when I looked like this (a picture at work) I was a manager (software development on the Multics project at Honeywell in our Cambridge office) and interviewed lots of applicants.

One person came in and when he saw me (problably in t-shirt and jeans) he told me he had just shaved off his beard and cut his long hair.

Another person (who I already knew because he worked for a customer) wore a suit. He said I hope you won't hold it against me because I wore a suit.

I hired them both.

At one point we were going to have a formal project review with a bunch of senior people from the company. The Program Manager was very concerned about how I would dress. I told her I would wear turkish robes and a turban (which I had just worn at a Halloween party). The next day was the review and I came to work wearing a suit and tie. Just about no-one there had ever seen me wear such clothes.

When our office was closed and my team moved to local headquarters in Billerica - continuing to dress informally. They decided to insitute casual friday. Some of my team wondered if they would had to dress up for casual friday. And I remember some of the managers wondering about what they should wear and said they went out to buy new clothes.

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Spencer says he thinks this might be earlier; as he remembers you as having a much neater beard when he first knew you, roughly 1978. His earlier dealings with Honeywell Multics were with Paul Green.

Yeah, John cut his hair in '77, I think. This is what he looked like when I started working there in '72.

I've always believed in dressing up for an interview - suit, dress shirt, tie... If an office has a casual dress policy, usually the interviewer lets me know. But, I do believe they appreciate the effort I've made. Honestly, I feel more confident when I know I look good. My body type looks better when partly covered by a jacket.

In my last job in Minnesota, dress was extremely casual. By the end of 6 months, I was wearing t-shirts, shorts and tennis shoes to the office. When I met with my HOA boards, I still dressed up. I was told on several occasions that they appreciated it. Of course, now working with my nephew, there is no dress code. I wear shorts or sweat pants, tee shirts and tennis shoes. Is it silly of me to miss having the occasion to dress up? I have terrific ties:)

It's my understanding the office in Minnesota has changed the dress code to a more formal one. They were getting complaints from clients, though the community managers and community assistants had little to no contact at the office with their HOA boards.

"Is it silly of me to miss having the occasion to dress up?"

Every year or so, I go to an event at which a suit is suitable. It makes me feel grown up. At my age (78), I find that consoling.

I have a casual every day type of career. If I could grow a beard, I'm sure I would.

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