JWG (jwg) wrote,

New Orleans Trip soc.motss.con XXIX

Last weekend we went to New Orleans for the soc.motss.con XXIX. There were 20 of us there and we had a fabulous time. soc.motss, a USENET group, was created as net.motss in 1983; USENET was a very early form of social networking. motss stands for members of the same sex since it was thought that it wouldn't be carried by many sites if the name had gay in it. It is now a FaceBook group to keep out the trolls. We have a con every year, the site chosen by the potential participants - we've been to all but the first 3.

We flew down on Wednesday and returned on Monday, tthe first official event was on Thursday but others also arrived on Wednesday. The last official event was the Stragglers Breakfast on Monday.

Some of the highlights other than having lots of fun with friends were:

- A visit to the Pharmacy Museum - a guided tour explaining lots about 19th century medicine.
- A fabulous dinner at Commanders Palace - some of us had a 6 course tasting menu with wine pairing
- A visit to one of the cemetaries
- A trip to the WW II Museum
- A swamp tour
- Just walking around the city, looking in windows, seeing lots of interesting buildings, street musicans, lots of people having fun, eating good food, seeing the gay Easter Parade, ...

Click here for a pot-pourri of pictures:
Tags: new orleans 2016, travel

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