JWG (jwg) wrote,

A Tasting Menu dinner at Commander's Palace

One of the traditions at motss cons is to have a foodie dinner on Thursday night. For this one in New Orleans we chose Commander's Palace. Eight of us had the 6 course Chef's Playground Tasting Menu with wine pairing and 5 others just had a fine meal.

Here is what the 5 non-dessert courses were + the Coup de Milieu wine intermezzo.
Hand carved bluefin tuna
Caribbean Crab Bisque
Argentinian Churrasco Shrimp
le Coup de Milieu; Blood and Sand
Chilli and Citrus Crusted Redfish
Braised Leg of Milk Fed Veal

I took pictures of all the courses, but so did Ken Rudolph, the organizer of the event, and you can see them here - complete with descriptions from the menu.

They served 7 desserts and we passed them around nibbling a bit out of each one.

Click here for larger versions of pictures:

It was a very fine meal.

Here is the kitchen (or part of it)
Tags: dining, new orleans 2016, travel

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