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WS Ticket

The caps did it; RedSox don't get swept

So bratman called us in the 6th to harass us and while talking to us the Yankees tied it up and then went ahead. At the bottom of the ninth I said "we should be wearing our caps" and we put them on and sure enough, they worked - the sox tied it up. It took until the 12th and a few more pieces of firewood (our house is unheated) and we won with a David Ortiz homerun. It was a 5 hour game and the temperature had gotten down to close to 40 at the ballpark.

So we get to go to tomorrow's game after all.

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it got to the point (as i exhaustedly gave up waiting for the game to end) that i wanted us to win simply so you could use your tickets. the agony need not be prolonged beyond today.

*bitter sigh*

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

I think I can take a small amount of credit, since I gave Ortiz a crucial bit of advice. (Mind you, I was giving advice to just about every Sox batter who came up, and most of it didn't help.) But I simply told him to do what he did the last time he was up with a man on base in extra innings. So he did.

(Well, more lor less -- he hit the one against Anaheim over the Monster, and this one into the bullpen.)

We considered calling bratman back, but for some reason decided to have mercy on him and not call him at 1:30 AM.

mercy is for the week. the red sox nation does not train to be merciful here.

I was like bitty, routing for your Monday game... not to put too fine a point on it, but baseball really should be played before midnight and in air that isn't smokey looking when you exhale. Anyway, I'm glad your caps worked and you get to go to the game. Hopefully today's game won't go past midnight!!

Hopefully today's game won't go past midnight!!

Well, it didn't, but it came alarmingly close.

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