JWG (jwg) wrote,

A succesful interaction with the IRS

The other day I called the IRS to settle an issue with my taxes. I was on hold for an hour, when the agent came on I explained the situation, he asked for ID info, found my record, said "give me two minutes", and he came back and said it was properly settled.

The problem was that when I filed my taxes via TurboTax I made a mistake in entering my bank account number. Several weeks later I got a notice that I owed them the (large) amount because the transfer failed. I went to the IRS web site and transferred the money. Several days ago I got a notice that said the payment had been misapplied to my account (my guess is they considered it as estimated for 2016). So I called - lousy music and frequent brief announcements, but painless; I owed them a small payment of interest which I sent with the form that they had sent requesting the large amount. I changed the number as instructed by the agent and added the Agent name and ID number to the form.
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