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TBT: In memory of Andy Goodman

In 1958 (I might be off by a year or so) I was a Counselor at Camp Tacoma Pines and the Jr. Councelor assigned to my cabin was Andy Goodman.

On June 21, 1964 while being part of Freedom Summer in Missipppi he was one of the three people murdered by members of the Ku Klux Klan. Mississippi Burning was a film about this.

Me and Andy;

Our Cabin picture - it was a double cabin with two sides, 2 councillors/jr. councillors.TacomaPines1958.jpg

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That's sad to have died like that.

I saw the movie, but I just can't get myself to watch it again.
Too depressing, and, I guess too real.

WOW! Such a juxtaposition. All the happy faces in these pictures against his tragic death!!!

thank you for sharing this with us, john! these are amazing!

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