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WS Ticket

5 hours and 50 minutes in our seats....

rsc and I had a great time tonight at Fenway park watching/waiting for the Red Sox to win. At the game tonight which lasted 14 innings and took just under six hours, we got lots of exercise. Every time there was a critical at bat or a critical pitch, fans get up to support the team. SInce just about every at-bat had one or more of these situations and there were more than 100 of them we must have stood up at least 150 times + the 10-20 to let people pass by. My hip hurts a bit.

We did go to an 18 inning 6 hour game a few years ago, but that was nothing like the electric atmosphere of this game. All Yankee games are over-the-top and so are post season games so when you get the two together....

bratman called us on our cell phones while at the game but there was much too much noise to hear them ring and even if they were on vibrate, I certainly wouldn't have heard a word on the phone. It was incredibly noisy there - my ears are still buzzing a bit (I have mild tinnitis)