JWG (jwg) wrote,

Don't need to use our Game 7 tickets

It would have fun to be there, but this is just fine.

And it is full of poetic justice:

It was the Cardinals who beat the Sox in 1946 and 1967. And after last years Game 7 disaster with the Yankees, beating them after being down 0-3 was tremendous. I scoffed at the thought that if the Twins had beaten the Yankees and we went on to win the world series it wouldn't count, but....

No more curse chants; no more 1918 chants.

Being a fan was lots of work - many nights at Fenway Park, 2 games in SanFrancisco and 1 in Denver, watching at least 100 games on TV, listening to others on the radio, checking scores on my cell, studying the stats, the paper, ESPN, talking, thinking, ......It's worth it.

And now to bed, I'm tired.

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