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In memory of Martin Luther King, Jr

On the left is Ira Blalock, in the middle is Martin Luther King Jr, on the right is Gordon Gibson shortly after they got out of jail in Selma.

I knew Ira Blalock as the minister in a UU church in Wellesley, MA that I went to for a while. One of my roommates had been in the Appalachian Mountain Club trail crew and another AMC crew member was the organist at that church. A bunch of us used to go every Sunday and then usually gather at our apartment after the service.

For my first marriage in 1966 we couldn't get Ira to officiate because he had moved away but he recommended Gordon Gibson, a minister in a nearby church.

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I am aways amazed that the Civil Rights movement was headed by ministers. In this day and age, most of the ministers I know or read of are on the wrong side of history.

I admire how he tried to change things for the better.

He succeeded, to a degree.

Thanks for this post. We sure need somebody like him now.

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