JWG (jwg) wrote,

Astronomy and dandruff

rsc and I went to the MFA this afternoon before going to the Ben Heppner concert at Jordan Hall (tenor, usually in Opera). We particularly wanted to see the Olympic Games exhibit and the Hoop Skirt exhibit, It turns out the Skirt exhibit closes early on Friday and we went in the wrong order so we didn't see it. We did see the Joseph Sudek photo exhibition some of whose pictures were interesting.

In the Temporary exhibit section they always have some weird and interesting stuff. This time it was Wyn Evans. They say:
The work of Cerith Wyn Evans defies easy categorization .
In one room there were 7 blinking chandeliers. Associated with each chandelier was a LCD screen displaying the running of a morse code translator and it displayed the text corresponding to the blinking chandelier. What was particularly amusing is at the bottom of one of these screens was a Windows message box about Virtual Memory running low - I assume this wasn't part of the exhibition, but you never know.

In another room was a sign that said (I hope I got it right):
Thoughts unsaid ... then forgotten ...
just another elapsure of time designated
There was also at a corner of a wall the following painted on it it huge letters
With the advent of Radio Astronomy in the early 60's techniques
of the mapping of space made enormous technical advantages

(a few words omitted because of ridicule by rsc for my use of my palm pilot instead of pencil and paper)
discovering formations in the Southern Hemisphere erroneous cataloged
after inconsistencies in the photographic emulsion - Solar Systems
identified from particles of dust and Galaxies from dandruff.

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