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Walking around in Quito

Quito is at 9,350 feet and is surrounded by higher mountains. The nearby ones have houses on them. Just walking down a street, getting to an intersection and looking down the crossstreet and seeing the houses on the hill behond it is was pretty fascinating to me. As is true in these South American cities there were some very nice churches.

There was some form of a politcal rally going on at one point. Lenin Moreno is the earlier-this-year elected pesident in a contested election which required a second round of voting. He had recently been kicked out of his political party. This seemed to be a pro rally.

Oddly enough one of the first things we encountered was a statue of Charlie Chaplin.

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We had actually thought, earlier, that we were in the vicinity of some kind of political rally; we could hear drums beating, and an amplified voice apparently haranguing the crowd. I was, however, puzzled by the fact that the speaker seemed to be ending many sentences with the word "mangos" -- surely I wasn't hearing right.

Turned out the drumming was coming from what appeared to be cheerleader rehearsal at a nearby school or college, and the amplified voice, entirely coincidentally, from a parked truck out of which the speaker was selling... well, I'll let you guess.

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