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Visit to the Rose Plantation / Factory

A highlight of the first day on the train was a trip to a Rose Plantation / Factory. The company is called Rosadex and they grow, package, and export roses all over the world - to at least 48 countries. They explained that this is an excellent place to grow roses because it is equitorial - good sunny weather with equal length days all year, and because the sun is directly overhead most of the time it helps the roses grow straight up. And the place also serves food, has a chapel, and I think people can stay there overnight.

Click for pictures:

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What a fascinating looking place! LOVE the sewing machine and the irons. They make delightful decorating but lord, I'd hate to have to use them - especially those irons!

The decor that included the sewing machines and the irons was in the owner's house, where we had lunch.

Yes, if you bought roses at a florist any time in the last I-don't-know-how-many years, the odds are very good that they were grown in Ecuador.

In case anyone was wondering, the blue roses are dyed, whereas the other colors are obtained through selective breeding. Apparently there's a big market for blue roses in China.

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