JWG (jwg) wrote,

Where I slept in 2017

- In our houses in Cambridge and Gloucester
- 2 nights in Courtyard Marriott in Sarasota Springs for the Dance Flurry
- 1 night in San Juan Airport hotel and 5 nights at Guana Island in the BVI
- 4 nights in Chelsea Pines Hotel in NYC
- 4 nights in Park55 Hotel in San Francisco, 2 nights in Monte Toyon - Aptos for Queer Dance Camp, 1 night in the Dylan near SFO
- 2 nights at YMCA Camp Woodstock in Woodstock, CT for LCFD Dance Camp
- 1 night in AA146 BOS->CDG, 5 nights in Hotel Eugenie in Paris, 2 nights in Chess Hotel in Paris, and 7 nights in Chateau des Briottieres near Angers for English Country dance trip
- 4 nights in Country Inn and Suites in Gettysburg, PA for the Motss Con
- 2 nights in Hampton Inn in St Louis, 3 nights in a hotel in Carbondale, IL for the eclipse
- 2 nights in YMCA Chimney Corners Camp in Becket, MA for LCFD Dance Camp
- 3 nights in Casa Pombo in Cartagena; 3 nights in Hotel BH Bicententario in Bogota; 4 nights in Case El Eden in Quito; 1 night in Swissotel in Quito, 1 night in Hosteria La Andaluza in Riobamba, 1 night in Hosteria D'Franco in Bucay, 2 nights in Windham Guayaquil for Tren Crucero trip from Quito to Guayaquil as part of our Colombia/Ecuador trip
Tags: personal, travel

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