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with camera

Our trip to France last May

Last May we went to France for 2 weeks but I never posted any journal entries so here we go. The official reason was to go on a Ken MacFarland English Country Dancing trip where we stayed in Château des Briottières in the Loire valley near Angers, touring every day and dancing at night. We went to some amazing places some of which we've been to before - it is such a beuatiful area - of course France is full of beautiful places.

And before this part of the trip we stayed for 5 days in Paris, my favorite city to visit. I love walking around the streets in Paris, we stayed at Hotel Eugenie on rue Saint Andre des Arts in the 6th, a busy street and the area I always choose to stay in. The Louvre, the Salvatore Dali museum, the chocolate museum, Ste Chapelle, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, a boat on the Seine, the Eiffel tower were all places we visited.

Ste Chappelle:

Our room in Château des Briottières:

And the field/pond behind the chateau:

And there was an American Contra Dance in Paris that we went to one night while in Paris.

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The photo of the room in the chateau does not really quite do justice to how huge the room was -- plus the bathroom, nearly as big (and often the only place in the suite where the wifi worked), including a large and very deep bathtub (no shower).

And that pond was full of frogs, who would occasionally burst out into somewhat cacophonous chorus.

As a French, I enjoyed this blog entry. Thank you taking the time to write this. :)

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