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and then roll in confectioner's sugar...

That's the best line from the Settlement Cookbook recipe for rum balls.

Only trouble was that in the middle of preparing to roll I discovered we were out of confectioner's sugar. rsc graciously went out to get some more so I could finish making them - one of our Christmas traditions.

This was better than the time I had to make 2 trips to the store while making a recipe that had only 4 ingredients!

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That's the best line from the Settlement Cookbook recipe

It's also the last line of the recipe. And, as those of you who know me from Usenet may be aware, it's one of my rotating .sig quotes.

rsc graciously went out to get some more

You forgot to say "in the pouring rain".

The rum balls came out really good this time. Often they end up too wet, with the result that even after being left out to dry for a long time, they end up sticking together in the big ceramic crock in which we store them, and instead of 30-some rum balls we have one very large one.

The secret, apparently, is to forget that, while the recipe calls for half a pound of vanilla wafers, a box is actually 11 or 12 ounces, so by rights one should multiply all the other ingredients by 1.5. jwg neglected to do this, and corrected for the fact that the mixture came out somewhat too dry by adding some unknown (but moderate) amount of extra rum. Perfect!

i love living somewhere near a convenience store again. "BB, go get some eggs" works liek a charm.

I'm getting off on the delightful image of you rolling in confectioner's sugar. If you do that sort of thing often, I can see why you keep running out of it. :-)

The kitchen-supplies places love jwg and rsc. Between their pallets of confectioner's sugar and their large quantities of seives for moose-passing-through, they've undoubtedly sent several of their proprietors' children and grandchildren through college (including professional and graduate degree programs).

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