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Hagia Sophia

As a very simple desciption of complex history, the Basilica of the Hagia Sophia was built in 360 as an Eastern Orthodox church in Constantinople. Earthquakes, wars, political disruptions, etc. caused it to have a complex history with considerable damage and rebuilding at avrious times - it was turned in to a Mosque in 1453. In 1935 it was turned into a museum. There is a movement to turn it into a Mosque again. As in many historical building there is renovation work underway so some of the views are messed up.

We could see it from the roof of our hotel. and it was the first place that we visited.

Click for larger view of pictures;

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In case anyone is wondering, the item in the last photo is a copy of the famous Topkapi dagger, on sale at the gift shop in Hagia Sofia. The room in the Topkapi Palace containing the original was closed for renovations.

I fell in love with the Hagia Sophia when studying art history in college. Awesome beauty.

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