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Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

On our first day in Istanbull we visited the Grand Bazaar. It is collosal, it has over 4,000 shops. It has a long history as do maby things in Istanbul. It was fun to wander around in it. When you levae it there are outside markets as well. Of course it attracts tourists, but I think it serves many of the residents in Istanbul as well.

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It was in the Grand Bazaar that I decided, after having been approached by the umpteenth carpet salesman pretending to want to be a friend (all of whom led with the same question), that we should try to get almost-matching T-shirts that said "We're not brothers" and "We're not buying".

What goods did you find offered the best deals or value? When I was in Cairo in the mid-1980's, the Bazaar offered the best deals on Gold jewelry and leather. I still have the leather jacket (though, it's too small) and one of the the two rings. One of the rings was stolen from my hotel room while I was on tour.

I didn't really look at prices and since if you show any any interest at all (or sometimes even if you don't) they try hard to sell you something. Particularly true with rug salesmen. And the last thing we need is more oriental rugs. Many years ago bought a few nice ones - one in Ecuador but mostly from a local rug dealer. Some are sitting in the bottom of a closet - I hate to think of the possible moth damage.

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