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moi 1946

My first job

Yesterday susandennis posted a "What was your First Job, and did you like it".

My first job was when I looked like this icon- I worked for my father (his food exporting business) addressing envelopes for Christmas cards to his customers. I was paid a token payment.

My firsr real job - sort of - was a a camp councillor at a summer camp - actually two camps, for 7 years. Job? it was lots of fun getting paid to have a summer away from the city, hiking, canoeing, being among a nice set of peopke - kids and peers.

While in grad school at Columbia (Physics) I had a part-time teaching 7th and 8th grades science. It was enjoyable and hard. At the end of that year I decided I didn't want to be a teacher, a physicist, or a mathemetician. While agonizing about what to do - and not get drafted, my father said "you should take a computer programming course" (this was in 1961). I did in the fall and after about 4 weeks I knew what I wanted to do for my career. In the spring I took several more as a special student at MIT thinking about continuing there, but I applied for a real job. The other one-sentence piece of advice from my father that I remember was when I was thinking about where to apply to college, my father said "you are going to MIT"

I was hired. I got a verbal offer at the interview and on the way home I stopped at a bank to get a loan application. When I got the real offer and accepted it and shortly after this I took out the loan and bought my first new car, an MG-A. The job was to write the code-generator for a Fortran Compiler and started in June 1962. I loved it, the project, my peers, and was good at it. A more detailed description of that project. This was really my first real job. And thus my career was really launched.

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It's my theory that most of us eventually find the way to our passion ... I started out with a History degree with the intention of being a lawyer. Once I graduated college, where I started singing in a male glee cub, I started to audition for musicals. I kept getting hired. It might seem preposterous, but at the age of 11, I announced I wanted to be a singer and a write. 53 years later, it's exactly what "took".

I enjoyed Susan's story of her first job and yours, too ... My first paying job was cleaning up the delivery rooms in a small hospital at the age of 13 ... I was paid $1.85/hour. I did it to get over my aversion to blood. I didn't last long .... getting up at 3am got old fast ... However, I was very proud of those small checks.

i do love that you started your car purchasing on the way home from the interview but, even more, i love your choice. that MG-A was a really neat car.

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