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License plate replacement

The license plate on my car - which might be 50 years old because I think it was on my 1967 Volvo 122S wouldn't pass inspection.. I checked the Massachusetts RMV several times which posts wait times for all their sites - for registration and for licenses. Once it was over an hour, at 10am it was only 4 minutes. So I drove there - 40 minutes. There were lots of people waiting in the waiting room. But I went to the greetings line and had to wait a minute; they sent me to a nearby window. I had to wait a half minute while the second clerk was logging in. I handed her my registration - she reached under the table and got a set of new plates, stuck an expires in '20 sticker on it, typed onto a computer, reached into the printer and handed me the plates and new registration form. And I didn't have to pay.

Now I have to memorize it and un memorize the old one.

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wild wild and wild - hard to imagine 50 year old plates. gotta love Massachusetts for sticktuitiveness. but, revenue? not so much.

I'm not certain why ... I'm usually good with numbers, but I can never remember my license plate numbers. I've never tried vanity plates, so perhaps it's the odd combinations. Who know? I have often memorized my credit card numbers ... guess it's frequency:)

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