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2094 Headline: Amazon goes out of business

As I read about Sears stores closing I remember the old days when you got a Sears catalog in the mail every few months. It was a big fat book with just about everything you might need: clothes, tools, household appliances,... You could order by phone if you had a Sears card or mail in an order form with a check. And the stuff would get delivered in a few days or you could go pickup the stuff at one of their centers.

So I anticipate the above headline in 75 years from now. The article explains that no-one has enough money to buy much and delivery by boat over flooded streets to houses that sometime vanish between the time the order is placed and when it is delivered is too difficult and costly.

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It's too bad we won't be around to watch your prediction come true. It makes me sad to watch Sears decline and disappear. I remember when my mother was so happy to shop at Montgomery Wards. Sears recently announce they are closing their Mall of America store. It was the only vital one remaining in the Twin Cities. It is one of the anchors of the MOA so I wonder what will replace it.

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