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My First Car

Looking some of my old pictures I found this one taken in May 1956. It was my first car, a 1940 Chevy. Standing with me is my aunt Ruth (my Father's sister).

I did lots of mainbtenance work on it - painted it, tuneups, did a brake job. Tuineups in those days were easy - idle speed adjustment, and idle mixure adjustment screws on the carburator, and point gap.

I took auto mechanics in High school. A side effect of auto meqchincs was that yuou could park your car on the school lot instead of the street a block away. And we occasionally snuck out there to smoke a cigarette. They allowed smoking foin the lunch room near then end - when they flicked the lights to say iot was OK, but nowhere else and you weren't allowed to leave the campus and thus couldn't go out . Fortunately, a few years later I stopped for good.

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I’ve never understood cars, though my dad was an engineer and handled all of our car maintenance. My first car to drive was a bright yellow 1970 Dodge Demon. It carried my brother, sister and me through high school and college. My first car to own was a 1976 Chrysler Córdoba. Great to see a post from you!!

My first ever car was a 1954 Chevrolet Bel Aire. Orange. Technically it was my father's, but by that time he could no longer drive so I was the only one who drove it until an old man totalled it by hitting me.

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