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In early spring of 1962 I had decided to leave grad school and get a job in the computer industry having taken several computer programming courses and had a part-time job at MIT in the computer center. And along with that I decided I would get a new car to replace my then-current used car - I don't remember what it was - probably about a 1956 something or other - Ford perhaps.

My choice was an MG-A; a flashy sports car and I checked out a nearby dealer.

I went on a job interview at Honeywell and got a verbal offer at the interview. The job was to write a code generator for a Fortran Compiler. On the way home I stopped off at a bank to get a loan application (I was going to secure it with some stock).

A few days later I got the offer in the mail. I called up the new boss and negotiated a start date in early June when the MIT term was over. (I had a camp councillor summer job they wouldn't let me wait until the end of the summer to start since the project was just getting started.) And then I went to the car dealer to purchase the car.

Below is not a picture of my car, but it looked like this. I really liked it. One of the downsides of the car was that it had a tiny trunk and very little space behind the seats so it wasn't very practical. Also the convertable top attachment to the windshield leaked a bit in heavy rain. The one speeding tiicket I got I am sure was because I was a youth driving a red sports car - I wasn't going any faster than other cars. It had a bit of engine trouble (the engine ran on for about a half minute when you shut it off); after a couple of years that required too many trips to be fixed so I traded it in for a red MG-B. The MG-B had more room in the trunk and behind the seats so it was more practical, and the top didn't leak. But it wasn't as cool looking.

I lived in an aparment in Belmont, Mass. One of my two roommates had a red Austin-Healy Sprite, and the other had a red Triumph TR-3. So we had quite a backyard where we parked our cars.

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Our neighbor had an MG (eventually 2 of them, for spare parts). One of the earliest jokes I remember learning is that the British drink warm beer, because Lucas Electrics also makes refrigerators.

Back in the late 60's my first husband had an Austin Healy Sprite to begin with. Then we got an Austin Healy 3000. I got a triumph spitfire when we lived in the south bay area in Calif. We belonged to the sports car club, so we knew lots of people with TR-7, MG midgets, Jaguars, MG-As and MG-Bs. Even a Morgan. This brings back lots of memories.

In my late teens I owned a 1959 (bug-eye) Sprite. In my early 20s I bought a 1971 MGB GT w/ electric Laycock overdrive. Except for having to frequently balance the dual SU carburetors, I loved the MGB GT.

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