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Kabah guy

Papua New Gunea Sculpture Garden

Another event for Motss.Con XXXII was a visit to the Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden located on the Stanford University campus. It was entrancing to wander around in it. I definitely recommend a visit there if you go to Palo Alto.

In 1994 a grad student in the Stanford Antropology Department arranged for some groups of men to come to Palo Alto from Papua New Guinea to carve a bunch of scultpures. They sit in a wooded area that was arranged to look like their home territory. Many of them were just carved out of large trees - several were painted with bright colors. Some were carved out of pumice. Included was a version of the Thinker - to complement the nearby Rodin Thinker.



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So unique!!! How wonderful to hear they exist in Palo Alto!

Edited at 2019-08-23 02:54 pm (UTC)

wonderful pictures, as always. possibly even more interesting to look at than the sight of water draining in my bathtub.

ETA: it belatedly occurs to me that if you don't recall what i was doing while you all were at the gardens, that might read as snark at you rather that rueful envy.

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