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Trip to Vigur

After breakfast on the first morning on the boat we took a tour to Vigur, an island off the coast of Iceland. We went from our boat on the pair of tenders it carried - we had to have life jacket lessons as part of the excursion.

Vigur has one family permanently residing on it and our guide was a member of that family. But there are other people and buildings there. There is an ancient windmill.


There are lots of birds on this island: puffins, black guillemot, Arctic terns, eider ducks among others. We were attacked by terns as we walked around - no one got injured - it is amusing and annoying; some people waved sticks to ward off their attacks.


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The terns only seem to do this in some places; I assume it has to do with their having nests nearby, even though we were told that their nesting season was pretty much over (tern chicks had fledged and moved out).

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