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Grímsey Island

On the morning of the second full day of our Iceland trip we went to Grímsey Island. It is on the north coast and straddles the Arctic Circle. It has a populatioin under 100.

I got to stand on both sides of the circle (I've done that at the equator as well - I doubt if I will evey do it at the Antarctic Circle, but you never know,,,).



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Do you feel the same after crossing the circle?

WOW! Love the photos of you!

I doubt if I will ever do it at the Antarctic Circle, but you never know,,,

Considering that no Antarctic cruise I've ever heard or read about gets as far south as the Antarctic Circle, I would deem it very unlikely.

Grimsey also had a substantial population of puffins. It was kind of foggy (and also one couldn't get really close to them), which I suppose is why there are no photos of them.

Actually, it being gray and foggy was probably a good thing; later in the trip, on a different island, the guide told us that lots of puffins lived on the cliffs nearby, but on a nice sunny day such as we were having they'd all be out at sea ()and, indeed, none were in evidence).

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