JWG (jwg) wrote,

Our trip to Southern Africa

We just returned from a fantastic trip to Southern Africa. It was Road Scholars trip to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana (3 countries to add to our list). We flew via London and spent a day there, and then 3 days in Johannesburg before flying to CapeTown to join the trip. Several big features of the trip were a Rovos Rail (a luxury train - with 3 nights) trip from Pretoria to Victoria Falls and a number of game drives in small vehicles or boats where we saw many different animals and birds. At the end of the trip we went over the checklist they gave us and the species count was 30 mammals, 7 reptiles, 87 birds, 15 trees, and 11 bugs.

This artwork was on a custom-made Tshirt for our trip that several of us bought.

The guide/leader was excellent and gave us a bunch of lectures on politics, history, and animals among other things. There were 17 travelers in addition to the guide and all were very nice people. It was our first Road Scholars trip and certainly not our last one.
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