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View out the front door

This morning the house was cold. So much snow had drifted at the side of the house that the air intake and exhaust for the furnace was covered. So I opened the door which was possible because there wasn't too much drifting there. I saw peeking out through the snow on the porch a piece of plastic that turned out to be the newspaper - amazing that the news delivery person had succeeded (they did plow the street recently). I shoveled my way around the corner of the house and shoveled out the air intake and restarted the furnace. It is hot air so it warmed the house up quickly.

This is what it looks like out the front door.

View out front door

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Wow! You got worse than we did. But it's awfully cold here: near 0°F. I'll post a view from my kitchen window later this aft.

We did have -2º F on Friday night. It warmed up a lot since then - it's 10 according to WeatherPop. The wind has been incredible.

Thanks for reminding me why I live in the South. :)

You guys are trying to entice me to move back to Boston, aren'tcha?

Keep warm.

Yikes. You definitely win the i>serious snow pic</i> of the day.

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