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I'm late, I'm late...

I could not build a fire yesterday; the tinder was wet and I couldn't find my pair of sticks anywhere. The fire I made last Xipotle went out during the night - I don't know why, but I did find what looked like some Brontosaurus tracks nearby so that might have been the cause. It hasn't rained for 3 moons, so last night's storm was a major surprise. It is only about a 10 days walk to the last place I remember seeing anyone and perhaps I could get some fire there. The Pterodactyls that I caught last week and put into the cave will probably starve before I get back, so perhaps I shouldn't go. I hope to use them to pull the flying chariot that I am building to cross the great salt pond sometime in the future; it was hard work capturing them, especially after one of them practically bit off my arm.

If only I could catch one of these:
blue fire dragon

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You're on drugs aren't you?

*puts away pocketwatch and handkerchief*

Maybe you can figure out how to bring the Pterodactyls on the trip?

For a very important date

No time to say hello -- goodbye!

Re: For a very important date

This isn't my LJ, so maybe I should butt out, but I prefer my Carroll un-Disneyfied.

--Robert the Curmudgeon

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