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Le Missionnaire et la Sauvage

"Un sauvage va trouver un missionaire et lui dit:
----Mon père, baptisez-moi; je veux devenir crétien.
Le missionnaire lui répond:
----Ca n'est pas possible, parce que la religion chrétienne ne permet pas la polygamie et vous avez pleusiers femmes.
Le pauvre sauvage s'en va très triste. Quelques semaines après, il retourne et dit au missionnaire:
----Maintenant baptisez-moi, je n'ai plus qu'une femme.
----Qu'avez-vous fait aux autres? dit le missionnaire.
----Oh! je les ai mangées, dit simplement le sauvage.

From Lisons Donc by Emile B de Sauzé found in rsc's library of books, from 3rd form French and my recollection inspired by Le Petit Prince.

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As I pointed out to jwg when he read this story to me, I'll bet it's not being used in any 9th-grade classroom in the US these days.

A pity. That certainly would've piqued my interest.

Certainly not in any of the "Freedom Fries" congressional districts, where I would not be totally shocked if the locals had dismantled their high school French progams.

My 9th-grade French text didn't delve into cannibalism, but it was very much a product of the late 60s, and showed rebellious young French women named Sylvie and Brigitte, scantily clad in halter tops and scarves, plotting how to overthrow the faculty one professor at a time.

Certainly not in any of the "Freedom Fries" congressional districts

That's not what I was getting at -- I'm thinking that this story would be considered, um, culturally insensitive. Especially at the "progressive" private school that jwg and (later) I attended.

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