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Le Missionnaire et la Sauvage

"Un sauvage va trouver un missionaire et lui dit:
----Mon père, baptisez-moi; je veux devenir crétien.
Le missionnaire lui répond:
----Ca n'est pas possible, parce que la religion chrétienne ne permet pas la polygamie et vous avez pleusiers femmes.
Le pauvre sauvage s'en va très triste. Quelques semaines après, il retourne et dit au missionnaire:
----Maintenant baptisez-moi, je n'ai plus qu'une femme.
----Qu'avez-vous fait aux autres? dit le missionnaire.
----Oh! je les ai mangées, dit simplement le sauvage.

From Lisons Donc by Emile B de Sauzé found in rsc's library of books, from 3rd form French and my recollection inspired by Le Petit Prince.

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I could understand it, oddly enough. Perhaps among cannibals one eats one's mistakes, just as doctors bury theirs.

I feel quite accomplished today: not only did I get my home network and PDA all working and talking to one another, but I read a story in French. Woo-hoo!

Congratulations. I suppose it would be inconsiderate of me to point out that this was the first story in the collection (intended for use in first-year French classes) and that the language is about as simple as it gets. Well, it does have the "ne...que" construction, which is not altogether obvious.

Yes, it would be. I got a medal for French in high school, but in 1998, the last time I was in Paris, I couldn't even order a baguette in bakery. Thank God for pointing and mumbling.

Oh, I know about this. Reading is one thing, forming coherent and intelligible sentences is quite another. And then there's understanding the responses.

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