JWG (jwg) wrote,

From The Ink Pot

While rumaging through some old memorablia I found this:

From The Ink Pot
Dorothy Manges, ‘21
Anna Leerburger, ‘21
Anna Leerburger was my mother – this is from her high school in NYC – Jacoby’s ?

Sally Horner, so they say,
Always had to have her way;
When the style of short skirts came,
Sally had to wear the same.
Once when Sally looked quite bold.
Mother thought it time to scold.

“Child, you must your ways amend,
Trouble unto us you’ll send.
If you keep on at this rate,
You will meet a direful fate.”
Mrs. Horner vainly spoke,
Sally thought it just a joke.

In the town where Sally stayed,
A new rule had just been made,
That the children under ten
Had to be home again
Ere the curfew would strike eight,
Jail for those who were late!

When one night old lady Horner
Sent her daughter round the corner,
Sergeant Sim toward Sally came,
“Chile,: said he, “What is your name?”
“Please, sir, you have made an error,”
Said she standing there in terror.

Officer was not so kind,
Sally trailed along behind.
At the station she was greeted
By a captain who was seated.
“Case 13,” the old man called,
Sally sat right down and bawled.

“Go to Sing-Sing till you die!”
Sally heaved a woeful sigh,
“Oh, sir, this should never be,
Stripes do not look well on me.”
But Sally paid the penalty
For wearing skirts above the knee.
Tags: family, nostalgia, personal

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