JWG (jwg) wrote,

Southern Africa Trip recap

It's hard to believe that it was 5 months ago when we returned from our Southern Africa trip. It was a Road Scholars trip, our first one, with a bit of time on our own on the way.

We started out with two days/one night in London and went to some museums and popular sites.

Then we flew to Johannesburg and spent a couple of days there - visiting among other places, the Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill - some very interesting history explained there - especially with what is happening here now.

The we flew to CapeTown to join the tour. We had an excellent very knowledgable guide for the trip - a native Southern African (white) who gave us lots of information in small spurts and a few formal lectures. After several days we flew to Pretoria, spent a short time there and then embarked on a 3 day luxury train trip to Victoria Falls. I've always wanted to see it. There were various short safaris in vans and boats sprinkled througouht the trip. We got to see lots of animals - some in the distance and some up close - we did go to an elephant spot where we got to touch them.

We'll definitely do more Road Scholar trips when it is possible to travel again - just got a new catalog - mostly US trips.

So we got to add three countries to our list: South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. (On previous trips we were in Egypt, Kenya, and Tanzania.)
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