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Our meals/shopping system - breakfast

For breakfast every day we have a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, or occasionally sectioned grapefruit. Preparation is that Robert always squeezes the oranges except on the first of the month when I do it. For grapefruit I always do the sectioning. Occasionally it is oatmeal - expecially if we run out of bananas. Oatmeal is called porridge by Rutherford who helps make it

Robert has coffee - freshly ground beans - light/medium and dark (with a bit of cinnamon and cloves or nutmeg on weekends). I have tea - usually herbal of various kinds - On saturday it is rooibus and on sunday it is something spicy. On special occasions I have Earl Grey.

Weekdays we have cold cereal with homemade granola (Robert makes that), fruit - bananas except in the summer when fresh local fruit is available, and a bit of milk. 4 kinds of cereal - corn flakes, o's, flakes (tasty ones), and wheat squares. Rotated in exact order and since there are 4 kinds for 5 days a particular kind is not locked into a particular day (take from the left put back on the right).

On saturday it is cheese blintzes with yogurt and fruit and a bit of cinnamon and sugar on top. They are home-made. Robert makes the filling the night before, I make the crepes and fill them in the morning. 1 package of cream cheese and 1/2 container of ricotta + orange rind peelings makes about 10 - we eat 4 and freeze the rest; and the next week we use the other half of the ricotta and another package of cream cheese (used to use neufchatel but it is hard to find). So this means two weeks in a row we prepare, and then the following three weeks we just defrost and cook.

On sunday we rotate between pancakes, waffles, and french toast (in that order). The pancake recipe uses egg yolks, corn meal, a bit of soy flour, wheat germ, oil, baking powder, and fruit juice (not freshly squeezed) with beaten egg whites folded in. Got the idea about fruit juice and cornmeal from an inn in Vermont that we stayed in a long time ago. The waffles uses wheat flour, wheat germ, and some soy and rice flour, egg yolks, milk, oil, honey, and beaten egg whites folded in. The ritual for these breakfasts includes an extra egg yolk - the egg white is saved for Pisco sours that evening. The french toast is whatever bread we happen to be using - often challah - in eggs with a bit of milk and some spices. Maple syrup, yogurt and fruit and cinnamon and sugar for the topping for all of these.

We usually have some extra of these as well as crepes and have them several days later in the evening with icecream and sorbet on them.

For special occasions such as holidays - we make an egg dish - often a fritata or sometimes scrambled or fried - or very occasionally poached.

Generally speaking since each of us generally showers alternating every other day, the person who didn't take the shower does the preparation. So no thinking or negotiation is necessary. Whoever doesn't cook washes the dishes.
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