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Fine Print in Movie ratings

Reading some of the Movie ads today I noticed the creativity in the third line of the ratings warning. No two are alike. I wonder if anyone uses this information to attract them a movie?

Epic Battle Sequences and Scary Images - The Two Towers
Some Sex Related Humor - Two Weeks Notice
For Some Adventure Peril - The Wild Thornberrys
Some Sexual Content and Brief Language - Catch Me If You Can
Violence Language and Mature Thematic Material Involving Abuse - Antwone Fisher
Violence and Brief Strong Language - The Pianist
Some Language and Brief Nudity - All About Schmidt
Action Violence and Sexuality - Die Another Day
Innuendo and Language - DRUMLine
Scary Moments, Some Creature Violence and Mild Language - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Nudity, Sexual Content and Some Language - talk to her

Perhaps we need something like this system for newspaper articles
Warmongering and Bad Science - Bush orders new Missile Defense System
Law Enforcement Scenes, Sloppy FBI work, Civil Liberties Assault - Search Expands to 19 illegally entered US

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