JWG (jwg) wrote,

Wednesday, May 11 - A baseball day

Yesterday was a baseball day for rsc and me.

First we went to an afternoon Sox game vs the Oakland. We weren't sitting in our usual seats having gotten a seats in the Roof Sky boxes (never been that high in Fenway before).
Fenway Roof box

The game had some unneeded drama since we were ahead 4-1 in the top of the ninth and Keith our last-year very reliable closer came in and soon the score was 4-5. In the bottom of the ninth Jason Varitek, Hunk Captain, hit a Pesky Pole* homer with Ortiz on base and we won (the second walk-off homer in a row (the last such time was in 1935)). I guess all's well that ends well, but...

Then we went to see Take Me Out which was lots of fun. I knew about the existence of a shower scene (actually two), but I didn't know there were working showers in this scene. It was a well written/acted play with a good story and lots of funny lines. Oddly we only saw one person in the audience that we knew.

*The Pesky Pole is the pole at the end of 1st base foul line that can be seen above - it intersects with the r in Budweiser.

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