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It's still early spring ... so much for global warming...

Today rsc and I decided to come up to Gloucester to work on the garden and stay overnight. This is the second time since we turned on the water a month ago that we have stayed here. What with almost two weeks in Italy, dance camp, and crummy weather, we have not been here much so our garden is a bit behind.

Today among other things, I cleaned up the raspberry patch, battled with some cat briar and killer vine and didn't even get particularly scratched up. I staked the peas and we planted a few plants that we bought today including some lettuce plants to get a head start on the seedlings that have only recently gotten started. One good thing about doing the gardening is that we weren't glued to the TV watching the Red Sox get slaughtered by Oakland this afternoon. While we were at the nursery they scored four runs in the 1st inning and then while in the supermarket there the next 3 of five were scored.

It is down to 47 degrees outside but we are warm in front of the fireplace and we have lots of wood. Someone will have to get up early tomorrow to turn on the space heater in the kitchen so that breakfast is tolerable. (As you might guess, the house is unheated and uninsulated).

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Dare I ask, is "killer vine" a general term?

Sounds cozy!

It's our name for a highly invasive vine which we think is European bittersweet. It wraps itself around things and strangles them, and it's extremely difficult, if noit impossible, to eradicate.

Please keep up the good fight! That is on the top three or so short-list for New England.

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