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Susan Dennis, Seattle, and the Library

As the first part of our Seattle - Vancouver for the soc.motss con - Washington Cascades - Columbia River Gorge trip rsc and I went to Seattle.

susandennis had graciously volunteered to meet us at the airport (they have a neat system there with a parking lot for short-term parkers who are awaiting cell-phone calls to tell them to come to the pickup zone) and she drove us to the hotel. It was a pleasure seeing her that evening and the next day as well. It is fun to meet LJ friends.

The next morning we went to the Seattle Public Library.Seattle Public Library
It is an impressive looking building and is set up to be an excellent library. There is Wireless access everywhere, many computers in multiple locations. The stacks are on the top 5 floors and set up with a spiral ramp so that you can traverse the whole stacks without any stairs or elevators. Rubber tiles in the floor give the Dewey Decimal number of the adjacent shelves so it is easy to find stuff.

We wandered past the Genealogy section which was full of books about many many US locations - I saw some ~1640 deeds of Boston locations. It looks like lots of people donated their private collections so this section was extensive. There was a special Seattle section but it was closed at that time.

I was intrigued by the large amount of visible nuts and bolts in the outer frame - presumably there to allow windows to be replaced. Although there was lots of glass, they use various shading techniques so that there was no glare anywhere, but lots of light. The acoustics seemed good too. I learned that there are occasional architectural tours which would have been very interesting. The only flaw I noticed was that there were taped on paper signs at various places. Apparently there has been some not-yet-resolved dispute about signage with the architect.

The Susan picked us up and we went to see her not-yet-complete newly renovated Condo. It was very spiffy, comfortable, and utilitarian. Sheri, her decorator is doing a great job. Seeing this makes our grubby houses look even grubbier.... Jake and Betty were quite friendly. We sat around talking for a while.

After this we went to a nearby Chinese Restaurant and had some Dim Sum. Then we visited the Japanese Market that had incredibly nice produce as well as every kind of Tofu that you could imagine as well as some non-japanese groceries. How nice to live so close to such a market. Then Susan drove us to the nearby Budget Car rental where we picked up our compact car which turned out to be a purple PTCruiser - pretty cool although a bit underpowered. I never did try out the seat folding to convert it into a mini-wagon.

Click here for some pictures

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